Cancellation & Refund Policy

Due to the nature of real-time payment systems processing, ALL associated charges/fees cannot be cancelled and are nonrefundable, except as listed under Acceptable Reasons for Refund;

A refund will be issued, upon request, and with supporting proof and/or evidence from the customer, for the reasons listed below under Acceptable Reasons for a Refund. Notwithstanding the above, INNOVATE1 Services Inc., reserves the right to grant or deny refunds to anyone at our sole discretion.

Acceptable Reasons for a Refund:

  • A FULL refund is applicable for Credit/Debit card payment, if your credit/debit card was used fraudulently.
  • Any other illegal or non-approved/non-sanctioned use of your credit/debit card or billing information.
  • Refund of application fee is applicable for any double payment, example: 1 Visa - 1 Passport; 2 Visas; or 2 Passports for the same person.
  • Tourist/Business/STR Visa refunds must be requested within six (6) months of the original payment date.
    Please note the double payment must be within fifteen (15) days of the original application payment.
  • Passport refunds must be requested within six (6) months of the original payment date.
    Please note the double payment must be within six (6) months of the original application payment.
  • If there is a mistake made, as solely determined by INNOVATE1 Services Inc., with respect to two or more payment transactions being processed for ONE application. This is defined as a double-payment for the same application.

Requesting a Refund:

Refund requests are considered valid up to six (6) months from the original date of payment, unless otherwise stipulated, no exceptions.
To request a refund, please email with details of your request.
All refund request must be sent to the, no exceptions.
A ticket number will be automatically issued for your refund request and will be referenced in all correspondence relevant to your refund by INNOVATE1 Services Customer Support.

Details to be included in your request: indicate which application is to be refunded (including application id and reference number), complete name, mailing address and telephone number. Supporting documents (e.g.; proof of double payment) will be requested if needed in a follow-up message.

Refund requests are processed in the order in which they are received, and You will have the opportunity to provide INNOVATE1 Services with all the necessary details required to process any refunds that fall within the Acceptable Reasons for a Refund.

Please allow approximately 6-8 weeks from the time you receive an acknowledgment email from INNOVATE1 Services Support team in response to your refund email submission, to receive your refund.

Abuse of Cancellation & Refund Policy:

Where INNOVATE1 Services, in its sole discretion, believes a customer has abused, or is abusing, this Cancellation & Refund Policy through, among other actions, fraudulent requests for refunds or initiation of chargebacks after submitting applications using the INNOVATE1 Services platform, INNOVATE1 Services, shall have the right to:

  • In the case of visas or passports, request such visa or passport to be immediately revoked by the issuing authority.
  • Immediately publish to relevant immigration authorities at immigration borders/ports of entry, a ‘fraud watch list’ of the names and/or passport or visa numbers of suspected individuals.
  • BLOCK an individual’s name and/or method of payment from being used in any manner on the INNOVATE1 Services, platform and relevant immigration authorities sites. This shall include barring the individual from applying for a visa or passport on INNOVATE1 Services, unless specifically approved for permission by INNOVATE1 Services.

Cancellation & Refund Updates and Modifications

INNOVATE1 Services, reserves the right to modify this Cancellation & Refund Policy at its discretion or against any individual it believes is abusing this Cancellation & Refund Policy. Any such revision will be binding and effective immediately after posting of the revised Cancellation & Refund Policy on You agree to periodically review our Cancellation & Refund Policy, including the current version of our Cancellation & Refund Policy as made available at


INNOVATE1 Services, accepts no responsibility for the products or services provided by any participating agency, Embassy or Consulate in connection with the actual granting of passports or visas, no for any delays, mistakes on passports or other materials occasioned by such services or by any delivery services such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, US Postal Service or other Courier and/or postal service. Damage compensation is NOT available from INNOVATE1 Services.

Service and/or Transaction Fees are Non-Refundable.